Winter Weather Effects on Your Lawn

Nov 18, 2015 | Blog

Winter is right around the corner and the cold is gradually rolling in. As the temperatures drop, maintaining that bright green lawn becomes exceedingly difficult. Since the DC metro area lies in a transition zone, we often experience pretty extreme temperatures on both sides of the thermostat. In other words, we never really know what type of weather we’re going to get.

Winter Weather Effects

Winter weather can really take a toll on your lawn, especially in snow, ice, and freezing rain (which we often receive). However, most grasses have their own way of coping with extreme conditions: they go dormant. Dormancy may make your lawn appear thin, dry, and discolored, but no need to worry–it’s not permanent! Essentially, dormancy is like hibernation. Your lawn stops growing until it is able to sustain itself once again.

  • Most cool season grasses (bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass, etc.) will continue to grow, albeit more slowly, as long as soil temperatures remain above 45°F (even into November and December).
  • Warm season grasses (zoysia, Bermuda grass, etc.) go dormant much earlier, typically with the first frost in September or October.
  • Lawn grasses have adapted to cold soil and air temperatures. Much the same as other plants that live in regions that have true winters, they go dormant, which is a resting period in which the plant is alive but not actively growing.
  • Try to limit activity on your lawn while it is dormant, as it is weak and can easily develop bare spots.

While seeing a discolored lawn in the winter may concern some homeowners, it’s very much a normal part of your lawn’s lifecycle in the winter. No need to worry–it should revive itself and begin producing new green growth come spring.

Winter weather in the DC metro area is extremely unpredictable. Your lawn may be exposed to some extreme conditions, leading it to go dormant. While the visual effects of dormancy are not very appealing, the change in appearance is only temporary.That natural green lawn you desire is only a season away. Contact Complete Lawn Care now for a free lawn analysis before the winter weather arrives.

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