Oppose Bill 52-14

Nov 17, 2014 | Blog

Montgomery County, Maryland is an interesting place to live and work. I’ve spent my entire life here and, over the past 50 years, many things have changed. Yet, I can still clearly remember my father taking our whole family out for Sunday drives into the country, way out into the deep farmland of Olney, Brookeville and Germantown. Those areas were sparsely populated by humans, but there were many farms, orchards and cows – wonderful! While there are still a few areas with the bucolic charm of the past, we mostly see suburban neighborhoods with lawns, schools, parks, cars and shopping centers, oh and lots of families with lots of kids and pets too!

Safely maintaining lawns, sports fields, neighborhood common areas and shopping centers is something we take very seriously at Complete Lawn Care. With Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we are able to safely grow healthy lawns and landscapes while protecting the environment and the people who live there – our customers and their families, in short, you!

To perform these services, we are licensed and regulated by the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the Federal Government (FIFRA). However, unfortunately, we may not be able to continue to provide the high quality, safe lawn care that our customers have come to expect.

Why is that, you ask? George Leventhal, of the Montgomery County Council, has proposed legislation (Bill 52-14) which would make it illegal to use many of the IPM tools (pesticides) and help us safely maintain healthy turf, trees and shrubs. Your ability to use these products as a homeowner would also be revoked and, without those tools, your lawns and landscapes will be overtaken by weeds and other pests, which thrive in uncontrolled environments.

We urge you to OPPOSE Bill 52-14 and let Mr. Leventhal, and the entire County Council, hear your voice on this matter. For more information, visit the Montgomery County, Maryland website: http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/index.aspx

Please email your council members to share your thoughts on this matter and look for more information on public hearings, which will be held in January 2015 (no dates have yet been set).


To end on a positive note, the Thanksgiving holiday will soon be here (my favorite) and I have much to be thankful for. I value our great employees who dedicate much of their lives, through hot and cold, wet and dry, to helping other peoples’ surroundings to be more safe and beautiful. And, all of us at Compete Lawn Care are very thankful for our wonderful and generous customers who bestow their long-term trust on us to safely take care of their lawns and landscapes.

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