Important Information about Your Fall Lawn Care

Sep 19, 2014 | Seasonal Lawn Care and Information, Uncategorized

Current and prospective clients in the Washington DC metro area trust Complete Lawn Care to provide accurate and timely information about restoring and their preparing lawns – for each growing season of the year. And now it is time for Fall.

Fall, the last growing season of the year, is right around the corner and your lawn needs to be prepared for the coming year. Below is important information about your fall lawn and landscape care.

  • Fall remains the best time to seed, aerate and fertilize your lawn
  • Beetle grubs, the larvae of Scarab beetles, such as Japanese beetles, are active throughout the fall season; as long as soil temperatures stay above 45° F, they will feed on the roots of your grasses and shrubs. Sometimes, these beetles are referred to as Japanese beetles, Masked Chafers, and Asiatic Garden Beetles.
  • During the fall, not only is the temperature of the soil an issue, the amount of moisture in the soil can cause problems as well. When there’s plenty of moisture, the beetle grubs can feed heavily with little notice to the casual observer. If things dry out, grasses and other plants can be severely damaged.
  • Be on the lookout for winter annual weeds such as bittercress, chickweed, and dead nettle (which are germinating now), as well as perennial weeds such as ground ivy, violets, dandelions, clover and more that have established in your lawn over the summer.
  • Be careful when planting specific types of perennials and evergreen shrubs or trees. Through the end of October, planting these shrubs and trees can be done safely. However, after October, an early and extended cold spell could doom these plants. But, the fall is a great time to install flowering bulbs for next spring!
  • Most deciduous trees can be planted anytime this fall and winter as long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Even with the various weather fluctuations that exist in Maryland and the DC metro area, Complete Lawn Care remains ahead of the adversity of difficult weeds, insects and more that cause unhealthy lawns! We have a great selection of packages for homeowners that are designed to fit the needs of all types of clients and lawns. Contact Complete Lawn Care to receive a free analysis and estimate of your lawn this fall!

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