Health Alert: Ticks in Maryland and the DC Metro Area

Jun 7, 2013 | Your Health








Ticks are active year round, yet it’s during the spring and summer months that most people and pets encounter them. Why?

Mainly because ticks are highly active this time of year and so are we. With more outdoor activities i.e. gardening, sports, picnics, hiking, etc., humans and pets have a greater chance of having a tick encounter.

Four types of ticks are most prevalent in Maryland and the DC metro area: the deer tick, the American dog tick, the Brown dog tick and the Lone Star tick. These ticks carry as many as 10 diseases and viruses, so we urge you to to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here are few tips to use now and throughout the year:

  • Check yourself (it’s good to have someone help you), your kids and your pets after being outdoors.
  • Use repellents to protect your family and your pets.
  • Wear light colored long pants and long sleeved shirts when hiking.
  • Keep overgrowth and brush cleared from around your property.
  • Remember that mice, other rodents and birds are the main vectors for Lyme Disease.

Learn more about Tickborne Diseases of the U.S. on the CDC website and read about Deer and Wood Ticks on the University of Maryland Extension (College of Agriculture & Natural Resources website).


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