Maintaining a Healthy Lawn Throughout Fall

Nov 5, 2015 | Blog

Temperatures and leaves are dropping in the DC Metro area, which means your lawn will soon go dormant for the winter. Maintaining a healthy lawn throughout fall gives you the best chance for a greener spring. There are several projects to tackle before fall ends to ensure your lawn will endure the coming season. Invest the time now in fall lawn maintenance to set your yard apart from your neighbors when spring arrives.

  • Irrigate.

    Continue watering at least once a week, for about 45 minutes per section, as long as daytime temperatures are above 50°F. If your lawn has been seeded, water daily for 15 minutes per section.

  • Clean.

    Rake up fallen leaves at least once a week. Keeping them on your lawn for too long will smother the grass, especially if it is new germination. Leaves make excellent mulch for your trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens, not your lawn.

  • Don’t chop!

    Despite recommendations by anti-lawn folks, don’t chop the leaves into your lawn with your mower unless there is a very light covering of leaves. When there are too many leaves on your lawn, they’ll take too long to break down and create dead patches throughout.

  • Nourish.

    This is the best time of year for fertilizing cool season grasses. If you plan on fertilizing, do it now! Maryland Nutrient Management Law forbids homeowners from fertilizing after November 15. Professionals, however, can continue to fertilize with fast release fertilizers (non-organic) until December 1.

  • Dormant Seeding.

    Folks with larger properties that are difficult to water should consider a “dormant seeding” once the weather turns colder (daytime temperatures are below 45°F). This method of seeding mimics nature. The seeds you sow with a dormant seeding will germinate in the early spring the next year. Just remember not to apply crabgrass pre-emergent before April 15th the following spring.

  • Store.

    Don’t forget to bring your lawn equipment indoors to protect it from damage in the possible ice and snow this winter!

Completing this checklist and maintaining a healthy lawn throughout fall will make for a much more beautiful and enjoyable spring. A professional can help you tackle these projects head-on before the chill of winter arrives. Contact Complete Lawn Care today to learn more and get started.

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