3 Reasons to Aerate and Re-seed Your Lawn

Sep 17, 2015 | Blog, Seasonal Lawn Care and Information

Throughout the growing season, your lawn may become stressed from multiple factors such as heat, drought, insects, disease and just plain old overuse. A stressed lawn can thin out and become infested with weeds and crabgrass and ruin your healthy lawn.

One of the most critical things you can do outdoors after an intense summer is aerate and re-seed your lawn. Lawn aeration is the creation of lots of holes that help air, water, grass seed and fertilizer get incorporated into the soil. Plus, aeration can help to eliminate the thatch, or heavily compacted soil at the surface. This not only helps your lawn breathe better, but also rejuvenates and strengthens it. Aeration is best done during the cool seasons of fall and spring, with exception of warm season grasses such as Zoysia and Bermuda grass, which are best aerated during warmer months.

No lawn care is complete without proper aeration and re-seeding. Here are 3 reasons you should aerate and re-seed your lawn this fall.

1. It breaks up the thatch and reduces soil compaction naturally.

Aeration allows you to modify the makeup of the thatch by enhancing oxygen levels in the soil. As you aerate, you enhance the activity of microorganisms in your soil. These microorganisms work to break down the thatch and reduce accumulation naturally.

2. It allows nutrients to penetrate the soil and stimulates root growth.

Aeration stimulates root growth by increasing the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the soil. By aerating your lawn, you create a simpler and more efficient path to the roots. This helps the grass roots grow deeper and stronger and improves drought and wear tolerance.

3. It enhances turf density.

The best weed control is a thick, dense lawn. Aerating and re-seeding will help your turf grow thicker, ultimately creating a resilient and healthy lawn.


There are many additional reasons you should aerate and re-seed your lawn. Contact Complete Lawn Care today to speak with a professional for advice and information on aerating your Maryland or DC metro area lawn.

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