Earth Day Tribute: Lawn and Garden Tips

Apr 22, 2015 | Blog

A green lawn or garden does not necessarily refer to how vibrant the color is. It is also a term that promotes how eco-friendly and sustainable your gardening practices are. Earth Day is a time to celebrate the environment and discover what steps you can take to promote the long-term well being of the majestic Earth around you.

Though your lawn may look green to the eye, that may not necessarily be the case. Here are some tips to take toward a greener lawn and garden this Earth Day.

  • Go organic. Challenge yourself to eliminate chemicals from your lawn and garden by using more natural alternatives, such as organic fertilizers. They gently release nutrients at a slower rate, when plants need them, and thus, last longer. Organic fertilizers also nurture your soil and are less likely to burn the roots of your plants than chemical fertilizers. Chemicals and synthetic fertilizers can kill roots and soil microbes if used improperly and can also kill bees and other vital insects.
  • Use native plants. When you grow trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses that are native to your area, they adapt to climate and pests effortlessly. As a result, they basically take care of themselves and require much less maintenance. This will not only save you time and effort, but also reduce your water use.
  • Smart watering and rain barrels. Perhaps the greatest step you can take to go green with your lawn is to conserve water. The best way to do this is to reduce the amount of landscaping and maintenance required. Give your grass a drink when it is coolest during the day – usually dawn and dusk. By doing this, the water will have a better chance of soaking in rather than quickly evaporating. Water more intensely and less frequently to encourage deeper root growth and build a better tolerance to variants in soil moisture. Light and frequent watering tends to weaken your lawn, decrease tolerance to drier spells, and can increase damage done by insects. You can also preserve water by using rain buckets or barrels. Place barrels underneath drains and gutters to collect excess rainwater and reuse it for watering plants and trees. 
  • Choose low-energy lawn mowers. Using a gas-powered mower produces nearly as much pollution as driving a car. Switching to lower-energy mowers such as old fashioned reel mowers or electric mowers can save you money and reduce toxic pollutants from being emitted into the atmosphere. It may be more work, but you will be improving the air quality in your neighborhood!
  • Plant a tree. This is the simplest step you can take to helping the environment. Trees will help to purify the air around you by absorbing pollutants. They also slow rainwater run-off and offer shade, which can reduce cooling costs. And, of course, they give shelter and food to wildlife.

There are many ways to achieve a greener, more sustainable lawn and garden. It may be overwhelming to start your plan for going green, but our professionals at Complete Lawn Care are here to help you celebrate Earth day by guiding you to an environmentally responsible lawn.

Take a step toward becoming more eco-friendly this Earth Day and all year round by contacting Complete Lawn Care today. Happy Earth Day!

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