Why Good Lawns are Good for the Environment

Feb 24, 2015 | Blog, Lawn Care Concerns, Uncategorized

Unfortunately, lawns sometimes get a bad reputation. Often, lawns are seen as “bad” because homeowners tend to overdo lawn care and the natural environmental benefits of lawns remain unspoken. In reality, a properly maintained lawn can actually be good for the environment.

Let’s pull back the curtain to share these facts:

  • A healthy lawn can actually purify the air! Much like trees, the green leaves (grass) absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide), as well as other atmospheric pollutants, and release O2 (oxygen).

  • good lawn good environmentYour lawn can serve as a natural air conditioner. As your lawn transpires moisture from soil through a process called “evapotranspiration,” your lawn could potentially be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt (it’s hard to believe, but true). With this kind of natural air conditioning, it’s easier to enjoy a picnic on the lawn during a hot summer day.

  • Healthy lawns provide urban habitats for our co-inhabitants like birds and small mammals. Grass is a rich scrounge area for wildlife co-inhabitants.

  • Grass can purify water! A healthy lawn can act like a Brita filter for groundwater. When water passes through grass, the roots from the grass absorb excess nutrients and other harmful substances before it pollutes our groundwater, lakes, and streams.

  • Lawns provide a safe place for children and pets to play.

  • And finally, who can ignore that a well-maintained lawn is beautiful!

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