Winter Annuals

Oct 9, 2014 | Seasonal Lawn Care and Information, Uncategorized

Winter AnnualsDid you know that Purple Deadnettle, Hairy Bittercress, Wintercress, chickweed and other similar winter annuals could be germinating in your lawn as you are reading this? Winter annuals are weeds that germinate and grow when sunlight lessens and temperatures cool down throughout the fall and winter and into the spring months.

You may have noticed them growing across lawns, taking over mulch beds, or on the edges of driveways. These weeds can grow anywhere, but they prefer areas with thinning turf, typically due to summer damage or where there is a lot of shade. If turf and soils are disturbed during the fall when winter annuals are germinating, you are likely to see these weeds come in winter and spring.

Complete Lawn Care can assist you in maintaining your lawn and to control the growth and spread of winter annuals. The team at Complete Lawn Care can help you to grow a healthy lawn with minimal weeds. As with most weeds, creating a thicker lawn through seeding and proper fertilization are the best methods to keep weeds out while reducing the use of pesticides.

This season is the best time to take control of winter annuals. Complete Lawn Care can help to control weeds like winter annuals in your lawn by keeping your lawn as thick and healthy as it can be through seeding and proper fertilization. We offer great packages that fit the needs of our clients and their lawns. Contact Complete Lawn Care, today, to receive a free analysis and estimate of your lawn!

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