It is likely that you picked the yellow “flowers” growing in your backyard as a child. If you did not pick the yellow flowers, you may have picked the puffball seed-head that the yellow flowers turn into. After blowing the seeds off the flower, you hoped your wish would come true. Without realizing it, you were picking a weed that is often considered an eyesore to homeowners. How can something that pretty be a weed? Unfortunately, the dandelion is a very familiar weed, especially in the DC, MD and VA area.

Taraxacum, most commonly referred to as dandelion, is recognizable in two ways: yellow flowers and puffball seed-heads. These weeds are not entirely “bad,” though. Gardeners may consider the dandelion beneficial to gardens because they are good companion plants for growing. The minerals and nitrogen from dandelions are added to the soil, which is great for different plants. Although they are beneficial for gardens, they are not great for gardeners with allergies. The pollen released from these plants is known to cause allergic reactions.

Although these weeds may provide protection from pests and enrich the soil, they can quickly destroy a lawn if too many appear. Just like all weeds, the dandelions will take water and nutrients from the grass that is growing in your yard. Despite the good in dandelions, most homeowners choose to get rid of them before they can spread and take over a lawn. The best way to prevent weeds from growing is to maintain a healthy lawn.
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