Fall (Late August to Late November) Is The Most Important Time Of Year For Your Lawn

Sep 25, 2013 | Lawn Care Concerns, Seasonal Lawn Care and Information

Caring for your lawn landscape is a year-round affair – Although we all get spring fever and can’t wait to garden and work on our lawns and landscapes in March and April, our lawns and landscapes can benefit from care all year long.

Keeping weeds out of beds, cutting back spent perennials and planting spring flowering bulbs are all good things to do in the fall.

All the work done in fall will pay you back with great results in the spring!

Keep your lawn, shrubs and trees watered – Although trees are starting to get fall color and temperatures are cooling down, your lawn and trees need water to stay healthy and survive through the winter. Be sure to water at least once a week for all your shrubs and trees if we don’t get at least a ½” of rain and daytime temperatures are above 45°.  If your lawn is still brown from summer, be sure to give it water, but also check for beetle grubs that may be damaging the roots of your grass.

Keep the leaves off your lawn – Lawns need light and air to stay healthy and green and if your lawn is covered with leaves for more than 5 days it will smother, especially if temperatures are in the 70’s or warmer during the day. Clean the leaves up from your lawn at least once a week. If you can remove and grind the leaves up and compost them, they are very good for your garden and mulch beds in the spring.

Seed, aerate and fertilize your lawn – Fall is the best time of year to seed, aerate and fertilize your lawn. Remember, if you don’t have a current soil test, be sure to get one as soon as you can to ensure that you will be applying the right type and amount of fertilizer.

Fertilizer Law – Remember, Maryland’s new fertilizer law goes into effect on October 1, 2013 and includes homeowners and professionals for the first time. http://mda.maryland.gov/Pages/fertilizer.aspx

Fall weed control – Many weeds germinate and grow in fall, stopping those weeds from establishing and going to seed will give your lawn an advantage next spring and there will be less weeds next year to fight off.

Vine type weeds such a poison ivy, ground ivy and others are hard to control in the spring and summer, but fall is an excellent time to control their growth and prevent them from becoming established.

Mowing – When temperatures are cooler and the nights are longer than the days, grass roots start to spread and make your lawn healthier and thicker.

Mowing at 2 ½” to 3” will ensure that your lawn will be strong enough to grow healthy roots. It is best to do a final mowing after Thanksgiving to put your lawn to bed for the winter.

Leaving your grass too long will promote disease and winter burn and can allow leaves and debris to get caught up in the grass blades and can create dead spots in your lawn. While cutting too short will stunt root growth and weaken your lawn.

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