Healthy Lawns Means A Healthy Bay

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healthy lawns means healthy bay

I live with my family in the town of Laytonsville in Montgomery County, Maryland. Like most towns in Montgomery County, Howard County and Washington DC, we all live within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (the Chesapeake Bay Watershed is 64,000 square miles), the Chesapeake Bay is one of our national treasures, where you can go fishing, crabbing, swimming, go bird watching, boating or many other fun outdoor activities.

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay is all of our duties.

Grasses are some of the best filters in nature and thick, healthy stands of grass keep many pollutants out of our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. Things like over development and the loss of meadows and grassland contribute to the runoff which adversely affects the Chesapeake Bay.

*‘A new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report from January 2013 by a panel of experts, has concluded, based upon actual scientific data, that “a dense vegetative cover of turf grass” on your lawn reduces pollution and runoff. If your lawn is thin and sickly, pollution and runoff from your lawn increases dramatically.’

*Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association May 28th, 2013 Gregg Robertson

Proper fertilization actually helps your lawn to prevent runoff into our streams and tributaries.


healthy lawns means healthy bayMaryland enacts a new fertilizer law:

What does this means for our customers?

Effective October 1st, 2013 all lawn care companies in Maryland must be licensed to apply fertilizers.

All companies must already be licensed and certified by the MDA if they use pesticides to control insects and weeds or diseases – including “weed and feed” products.

The new Maryland Fertilizer Law includes homeowners and for the first time, restricts the fertilizers that homeowners can purchase and apply to their lawns.

Following the University of Maryland recommendations for fertilizer applications is required of all lawn care companies and homeowners beginning October 1, 2013.


complete-lawn-careI started Complete Lawn Care because I wanted to own an environmentally-concerned lawn and landscape company, and each and every member of our staff loves nature and wants to work with you and the State to save the Bay. Please contact us to discuss your lawn management needs and learn about the Act, our licensing, and our fertilizer program.

— Eric M. Wenger, President

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