Lawn Care In-Depth Look: Brown Patch Disease

Jul 1, 2013 | Lawn Care Concerns, Seasonal Lawn Care and Information

brown_patchIf you live in the Washington DC, Metro area, you do run the risk of having it in your yard. Rhizoctonia is also known as Brown Patch disease. Chances are you never heard of rhizoctonia unless you’re a lawn care professional or work for a golf course


What is Brown Patch Disease, And How Did My Lawn Get It?

 Brown Patch disease is a naturally occurring fungus disease that attacks certain types of grasses. Tall fescues is the most common host for Brown Patch Disease. It commonly occurs during heat waves where the weather is hot and humid. The cycle begins when the mycelium branch out from the soil or thatch and infects the grass plants, which make up your lawn. Brown Patch Disease rarely destroys a lawn but it can cause thinning of the turf canopy, which can then allow for weeds to encroach.

Managing Brown Patch Disease:

Promoted by high temperatures, humidity, and wet soil, Brown Patch is prevalent during the summer months in the Washington DC area. Here are a few tips on how to manage this common lawn disease:

You can limit Brown Patch by:

  • Proper fertilization can help to limit the severity of Brown Patch Disease.
  • Avoid mowing your lawn too short, as well as avoid cutting your lawn too often to lessen stress on your lawn during hot humid weather.
  • Proper watering can also help to limit the effects of Brown Patch Disease. Remember to water deeply but infrequently, a minimum of 1 hour per section of lawn per week is recommended during dry weather. Always try to water between 4AM and 11AM and never water at night! Watering at night can promote the spread of Brown Patch and other turf diseases.
  • Not watering at all is also an option. Most lawns will go dormant during dry periods and they will typically recover from dormancy when the weather cools down and rainfall increases.

The dog days of summer are here. It’s best to employ the above practices to limit damage to your turf. But realize that your Howard County, Montgomery County, and Washington DC lawn care professional, like Complete Lawn Care, knows how to diagnose and treat your lawn in the most effective and environmentally sensitive way. Call Complete Lawn Care at 301-948-5069 to schedule an appointment today.

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