“I’ve got this spot on the lawn…”

May 17, 2013 | Lawn Care Concerns

Problem spot on the lawnSo many times, we hear clients in Maryland and the DC metro region talk about problem areas  where the grass won’t grow on one spot on the lawn. These areas often occur more frequently outside the front or back door or just off the deck and patio. And, sometimes, these spots only appear in the fall or winter.

The culprit: usually “man’s best friend.” You know, the ones that don’t like to get their feet wet or venture out in sub-freezing temperatures and take care of business close to the door.

Most of the time, the lawn damaged by dog urine will fill back in on their own. Yet sometimes, the problem is big or bad enough that you may want to take action and, other than walking Fido to other parts of the yard or outside the domain, your best bet is to let nature take its course. And, there’s always your local lawn care expert, who can offer consultations on corrective measures.


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