Early Spring Weeds Growing in Maryland

Apr 17, 2013 | Seasonal Lawn Care and Information



In Maryland, we all know how frustrating it can be to see those early spring weeds and their flowers popping up this time of year. And of course, it would be best to stop them before they flower and go to seed, just like dandelions.


The challenge for controlling certain types of weeds relates to their the growth cycle. The winter cress, bittercress, chickweed, dead nettle and others you may be seeing are Winter Annuals, which begin their growth cycle during the winter months, when we’re not able to be as active in our lawn care services. Yet, these Winter Annuals are now in full growth mode.


Part of the challenge in controlling these Winter Annuals is that it’s very hard to treat and control weeds when it’s cold outside. Even though the weeds are growing, weed controls only work well when soil temperatures are over 45°. Below this temperature, weed controls aren’t very effective and, of course, it is very hard to apply weed liquid controls when temperatures are near or below freezing. Also, granular post-emergent weed controls aren’t very effective and are not recommended for most home lawns.

Common Chickweed

Common Chickweed


Controlling these Winter Annual weeds is taking place during these early spring months, as the temperatures are warming up and weed control can be effective.


And remember, it generally takes 14-21 days (2 to 3 cuttings) for weeds to die after they have been treated.



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