7 Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn and Landscape

Nov 19, 2012 | Seasonal Lawn Care and Information

Winterizing Tips

As colder temperatures arrive in Maryland, be sure to give your lawn, landscape and your home’s exterior some love and attention before winter’s dormant period between late November and early March. Here are 7 low-cost winterizing tips that may help protect your surroundings and your investment in your home:

  1. Keep your lawn clear of leaves and other debris. Leaves left on your lawn for extended periods can smother your grass, so “clean” your lawn and allow the daylight to encourage root growth in the turf.
  2. Be sure your gutters and downspouts are also free of debris. A backup caused by clogged gutters during a rainstorm is the worst way to discover a problem that could have easily been avoided.
  3. Disconnect your hoses and drain them before storing.  Water expands when it freezes, which can affect your outdoor faucet, cause potential flooding and damage most non-industrial hoses. Also, be sure to shut off the water to outside faucets, if they are not “frost free,” to protect your pipes during a cold snap.
  4. During your lawn’s end-of-season cut in November or December, you may opt for a slightly shorter length, which can make year-end cleanups easier. But remember, the shorter the turf, the shorter the roots. Healthy grass roots will grow through the winter, storing the energy and nutrients necessary during this period.
  5. Winter is a good time to have a soil test performed to discover its needs. It’s also a good time to apply lime or sulfur to help correct your soil’s pH.
  6. If you like to feed the birds, do so in a place where the bird seed can be cleaned up. You’d be surprised what pops up in the spring around birdfeeders.
  7. Never use nitrogen fertilizer to melt ice on sidewalks and driveways, as it’s is a poor ice melter and is against the law.

Winterizing your lawn, landscape and home’s exterior takes a bit of time, but is time well spent. For support in these efforts, homeowners in Maryland come to Complete Lawn Care when they lack the time or interest in getting exterior winterization jobs done.

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